New wood pellet boiler installed at the Wherwell offices

As part of Simplex’s long-term strategy to reduce our environmental impact, we have recently installed a Kurri boiler to heat our headquarters in Wherwell, Hampshire.

“We realised that the old system was consuming too much oil” said James Hogg, chairman of ST-Diesel Marine Group. “Our new system will consume approximately 100 tons of wood pellets per year, as opposed to 25,000 litres of oil.” The wood pellets are made from wood which has been chipped as it was not usable for any other purpose and are manufactured locally in Andover. They are delivered in loads of 14 tons, which are then blown into the silo.

The system is fully automatic with a 199 kW capacity boiler and 2 large heat storage tanks to cover peak demand and to ensure that the boiler operates at optimum efficiency.  The boiler provides district heating to four other buildings as well as our own and replaces a total of 6 oil fired boilers with a total capacity of 381 kW.  Apart from the very low carbon footprint, the fuel is entirely renewable.

The work that began on this project before Christmas has finally come into completion!


 DSC01826   DSC01823

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