Our products and services

Diesel engine components and spares suitable for:• Bergen
• Wärtsilä
• Dorman
• Mirrlees Blackstone
• Allen
• Perkins
• Paxman
• MaK
• Nohab Polar
• Ruston
• Sulzer
• Vasa
Marine components:• Becker intelligent monitoring   systems
• Becker Mewis Ducts®
• Becker rudder systems
• sterntube seals
• freshwater generators
• rudder stock bearings and seals
• stabilisers
• turbulo bilge water separators
• steering gear
• net protectors, net pick-ups and net   cutters
Shaft components:• shaft couplings
• super grip bolts
• sterntube bearings
• shaft bearings
• flexitube sterntubes
• thrust bearings
• shaft alignment
• bulkhead seals
Diesel engine reconditioning and service exchange:• crankshaft machining and   polishing
• connecting rod refurbishment   and remachining
• cylinder liner honing
• cylinder head overhaul (fusion   welding)
• valve seat grinding (using the   Chris Marine system)
• fuel injector overhaul and testing using   Hartridge equipment
• water and oil pump overhaul
• intercooler cleaning and pressure testing
• turbocharger reconditioning
• complete engine overhaul
• piston crack detection and remachining
Marine components service and repair:• class approved bonding of   seals in-situ
• propeller and thruster hubs and   parts
• rudder or tail shafts (up to 20   metres)
• sterntube seal liners
• propeller blade foot machining
• supply of oversized blade carriers and   sliding blocks
• reconditioning of shaft couplings
• delivery of other parts and tools on   special request
• protective coatings to minimise abrasion,   cavitation and corrosion
Drydocking:• Astander (Spain)
• Colombo Dockyard PLC (Sri   Lanka)
• Constanta Shipyard (Romania)
• Fujian Huadong Shipyard (China)
• HSD Marine and Shiprepair (South East   Asia
Ancillaries:• air coolers
• air starters
• bellows
• filters
• governors
• lube oil centrifuges
• manometers and pressure gauges
• pumps
• turbochargers
• vibration dampers

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