Condition monitoring

Simplex-Turbulo is a Marine Master Distributor for Parker Kittiwake

Unplanned downtime is the enemy of every industry. The earlier a vital repair can be made to a broken piece of machinery, the faster a company can return to profitability. Ensuring that the fuel, lube and water on-board meets its specification is important, not only to maintain efficient operation, but also to meet marine regulations. These accurate, reliable and simple to use tests ensure you maintain your vessel at optimum efficiency.

FTIR3 Oil Analyser

DIGICell Water & BN150 Test Kits

Parker Kittiwake’s DIGICell oil test kit range provides a complete set of economically-priced equipment with a level of accuracy suited to routine analysis. With an easy to read digital display providing instructions and results, a five-year (10,000 tests) battery life and built-in memory for recording previous test results, the DIGICell has become a favoured test method worldwide for on-site and on-board testing. Test cells are available for either Water in Oil or Base Number (BN). Alternatively, a DIGI Combined Test Cell is available that performs both test parameters in a single cell.


FTIR3 Oil Analyser

Featuring a compact, portable design, the Parker Kittiwake FTIR3 Oil Analyser delivers fast and reliable measurement of key oil parameters without the need for complicated tests or chemical reagents. Simple to use, it delivers real-time insights necessary to protect major assets. No more waiting around for analysis reports from samples sent to an off-site laboratory. The design incorporates the latest in Fourier Transform Infrared technologies, providing rapid analysis and timely information for effective decision making.

Parker Kittiwake Cold Corrosion Test Kit

Cat Fines Test Kit (Al & Si)

The Cat Fines Test Kit from Parker Kittiwake is a chemical bottle test which determines the level of cat fines present in a representative sample of fuel oil, allowing the user to identify potentially damaging components before they enter the system. In minutes, this easy-to-use on-board test identifies the presence of abrasive silicon and aluminium catalytic fines, which can become embedded into engine components and cause irreversible damage if left within the system and not removed. The test kit can be used in conjunction with both laboratory testing and a range of other on-board condition monitoring tools, ensuring that operators have accurate data to safeguard against potentially catastrophic damage.


Cold Corrosion Test Kit

Cylinder lubrication oil in 2-stroke marine diesel engines has to contend with high temperatures and acidic products formed during the combustion of sulphur-rich bunker oils. Parker Kittiwake’s Cold Corrosion Test Kit is a quick, easy-to-use chemical test that provides an accurate measure of the parts per million (PPM) value of Fe2+ and Fe3+ compounds in used scrape down oil. Knowing the specific PPM  of corrosive iron allows informed decisions to be made in adjustments to feed rates and the Base Number (BN) of the oil used.


Ferrous Wear Meter

The Ferrous Wear Meter (FWM) measures the level of metallic wear in samples taken from cylinder scrapedown oil. It is a simple to use product offering excellent accuracy and reliability. This unit is ideal for on-board testing and analysis of scrapedown oils for metallic wear, indicating a high level of cylinder liner wear. A 5ml test tube filled with the sample is placed directly into the hole in the instrument, and the metallic content in parts per million (PPM) is displayed on the screen in under 2 seconds.



The Parker Kittiwake LinerSCAN is the world’s first real-time alarm system for engine liner wear, marking a new era in asset protection. LinerSCAN is designed to remove the uncertainty of cylinder liner damage which can result from low fuel quality, slow steaming, low sulphur levels, lower oil feed rates and cylinder oil formulation changes. Multiple trials have shown that LinerSCAN highlights the first signs of damage earlier than other systems and enables safe reduction of lubricant feed rate. LinerSCAN is a fully automated system, and can help to save money by optimising the lubricant feed rate, reducing your maintenance loads and by helping to prevent unnecessary engine damage.

fuel density meter

Fuel Compatibility Tester

The Parker Kittiwake Fuel Compatibility Tester is possibly the most useful tool available for testing fuel oil compatibility and blends. The kit provides a quick tool for engineers faced with the necessity to mix or blend residual fuel oil or wishing to establish the stability of a new bunker delivery. The Compatibility Tester can be purchased as a stand-alone kit supplied in its own case, or as part of a more extensive suite of testing equipment in the Fuel and Lubricant Cabinet.


Fuel Density Meter

The Density Meter from Parker Kittiwake is suitable for both distillate and residual fuel oils. Measuring the density of fuel using hydrometers, the Density Meter can be used to confirm the quantity and grade of fuel delivered. Density is calculated electronically, providing fast, accurate results and estimating the combustion performance (CCAI) and correct viscosity in cP to cSt calculations.