Simplex-Turbulo tour of Parker Kittiwake factory

Visit to the Parker Hannifin filter factory in Chomutov, Prague II

By Paul Dekker Kleyn, Sales and Business Manager – Specialist Products: Condition Monitoring, Filtration and Lubrication

This was a rather interesting visit to Parker’s largest manufacturing plant in EMEA based in Chomutov.  Whilst our focus was for filters, it showed the breadth of what Parker can offer to a customer seeking a solution provider wherein Parker can engage at a technical level to discuss and supply all aspects of a customer’s requirements for hydraulic, fuel and or engine oil lubrication challenges facing todays equipment designers.

Filter element media on the production line
Filter element media on the production line

The diversity in both numbers and types of filter elements was intriguing. How does one manufacture tens of thousands of filter elements a week with such low RPPM ratio and on target delivery performance? Sitting in on the daily management briefings provided an insight into how that is achieved and maintaining clear emphasis on quality and customer service. Parker excels at doing this daily whilst maintaining the ability to manufacture and supply to wide ranging customer product requirements. Several thousand different unique products leaving every day to several hundred unique customers.


Seeing the element manufacturing was interesting especially the manufacturing and bonding of the various layers of media with which to form an filter element. Whilst Parker makes full use of their graded multi-layer glass fibre depth media designed for maximum dirt holding capacity and efficiency, they also manufacture cellulose and wire elements. Some of these elements are sold directly into the aftermarket, whilst others are being fitted into new complete filter assemblies. The filter assemblies themselves can a have a number of differing configurations and options dependent on what type of indicator is required, the filter element micron rating, bypass settings, and on to final stages with Parker Hannifin tamper proof labels.


Bonding the filter media with silicone

Parker Hannifin have in their portfolio a wide variety of filters for many markets (Marine / Power Generation / Wind Power / Industrial / Oil & Gas / Alternative energy sources). The Chomutov factory is one of their largest plant in EMEA for the manufacture of filter elements. For anyone visiting, the scale and diversity of the elements being made stood out. Some of those seen in the tour would be filters for:

Tanktop mounted return line filters
Medium pressure In-Line 70 bar filters
EPF iProtect Series of High pressure In-Line 450bar filters
Heavy duty filtration products – Duplex filters
EAB series air filters