Ultrasonic defect detection system attracts attention at SMM

The new ultrasonic defect detection system co-developed by MPR has been a source of great interest at SMM 2016!

Customers, journalists and camera crews alike have been gathering to witness the innovative device which has been set up on the S-T Diesel and Marine Group stand in hall A5.

The system combines a small lightweight measurement system with a mobile scanning device. By sending sound waves into the damaged metal and measuring how long they take to return, it can record the shape and depth of any defects with precise, reproducible results. It includes all hardware and software components including instrument control, motion control, data acquisition, fast imaging of A-, B- and C-scans, evaluation and documentation tools.

The system is capable of recording large amounts of digitized ultrasonic testing data in real-time. On-site, the system currently scans an inspection area up to 900 x 450 mm and achieves speeds up to 200 millimeters per second. The mobile inspection system can be freely positioned on the propeller geometry; alternatively the scanning device can be attached by suction cups in vertical and horizontal positions.

You can read the original press release about the new device on the Maritime Executive online magazine here: http://maritime-executive.com/pressrelease/mpr-introduces-new-ultrasonic-defect-detection-system