STDMG heavily invests in staff training


Sterntube seal training at Blohm and Voss Ind.

Over the last two months S-T Diesel and Marine Group has continued to invest heavily in staff training.  From internally sourced training sessions, to training hosted by guest speakers, the S-T Diesel and Marine Group staff have covered a wide range of topics.

The training by guest speaker Domenico Pedicillo of Märkisches Werk Halver covered cylinder head reconditioning, valve spindle production, component coatings such as the MWH Nimalike ® procedure used in the remanufacturing of two stroke valves, and finally, valve rotators such as the Turnomat® and Ball Spring Rotator. 

Don Gillies at Dublin Graving Dock
-training on the Becker Mewis Duct®


Meanwhile, other members of staff have been fortunate enough to gain first-hand experience at various manufacturing facilities across the globe such as the Blohm + Voss HQ in Hamburg which was visited by a group of four Simplex employees last week. This week, training continues for some Simplex staff as they visit the Dublin Graving Dock to witness a Becker Mewis Duct® being fitted in dry-dock.

area manager Uwe Hawer of Blohm + Voss explaining the workings of a seal section




The final instalment to this international training scheme was the training of several service engineers at the MPR propeller repair facility in Zutphen, the Netherlands.  The training focused in particular on the inspection of propellers before and after repair, enabling the service engineers to carry out increasingly accurate assessments of ongoing jobs.

This intensive training will continue into 2014 with another ten courses scheduled for the first six weeks of the year.