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Diesel and Marine Group seeking to capture South American markets

After the success of SMM 2018 last September, it was time for Diesel and Marine Group to focus its attention on progressing operations in South American markets. In early December 2018, Adrian Patterson of Diesel and Marine Group joined its South American representative Carlos Lobos, on a visit to the region to promote the group’s full range of engines. 

A highlight of the trip saw Adrian and Carlos heading to Chile to establish the group’s presence in South America on the Xiriox Solutions stand at the ExpoNaval 2018 exhibition (having just signed a supply agreement with Xiriox for Chile). The event was held at the Concón aeronaval base in Valparaíso, Adrian explained Carlos’ position:

Carlos is the conduit for all customer enquiries in South America and is on hand with rapid support, he is able to converse freely with local contacts for help and clarification. Our strategy of establishing a worldwide resource of ambassadors for Diesel and Marine Group has been proven to work very well in other territories, leading to new business and instilling a sense of reassurance among customers. 

In the week prior to ExpoNaval, Adrian and Carlos managed to sign another supply agreement with Turbogen for Argentina and Paraguay. Additional meetings took place with further interest from potential customers in Argentina and Paraguay, who identify the group as a key supplier of a wide range of specific OEM products. Paraguay has a significant river vessel industry that would benefit greatly from their support. Vessel operators in Argentina commented that some engine manufacturers are unable to provide competitive quotes, or an acceptable standard of customer service.

Adrian and Carlos are adamant that Diesel and Marine Group could offer a better quality service package and are sympathetic to the concerns of operators with whom they met. Adrian summarised with:

I came away with the sense that these are professional, sociable and generous people, I feel it will be great to do business with them.


Diesel and Marine Group supports engines from the following manufacturers:

  • MaK
  • MAN
  • Pielstick
  • Rolls-Royce Bergen
  • Wärtsilä


The featured image above shows Carlos Lobos and Adrian Patterson of Diesel and Marine Group together with the Xiriox Solutions team at ExpoNaval 2018