Simplex-Turbulo, XRF Analyser

Help protect your engine against non-compliant  bunker fuel with the Parker Kittiwake XRF Analyser

Help protect your engine against non-compliant bunker fuel with the Parker Kittiwake XRF Analyser, presented to the UK and Singapore market by their Master Marine Distributor Simplex-Turbulo Co Ltd.

We are less than two years away from the IMO 2020 sulphur cap on bunker fuel, and yet there is still great uncertainty in the industry as to how this ruling will unfold. Industry experts anticipate problems with supply meeting demand, and in particular, the quality of new blended fuels in terms of a maximum of 0.5% sulphur.

With this in mind, Parker Kittiwake has developed the XRF Analyser benchtop bunker fuel testing device. The XRF’s main use is determining the sulphur content of bunker fuel samples in about two minutes, to an accuracy of 0.01%. Larry Rumbol (Marine Conditioning Manager at Parker Kittiwake) explained recently to Ship & Bunker News, that the XRF Analyser can achieve as close to laboratory standard test results as possible. The test results give strong indications of non-compliant bunker, and vice versa within two minutes. Larry said that the analyser is beneficial to stakeholders in three ways:

  • Port State Control can use the XRF analyser to test bunker storage tanks on board vessels in a very short period. They can then concentrate on potential non-compliant vessels and not detain compliant vessels while lab tests confirm the XRF test results.

  • Operators can use the analyser to check bunkers upon delivery, irregular samples can be dispatched for further laboratory testing.

  • Heavy fines, errors and fuel-related engine faults can be avoided (fostering a closer working relationship between operators, compliance authorities and Port State Control).

The Parker Kittiwake XRF Analyser is small and lightweight, and so highly portable, and can be used on board vessels (in less than ideal test environments) and avoids the use of wet-chemistry. Traditional testing laboratories are presently working at full capacity, but in the meantime bunker suppliers dictate that shipowners and charter parties must act quickly to make a claim if their fuel is out of spec.

Additionally, the XRF can give a wide range of elemental analysis on lube oils, allowing early warnings of specific component wear within the engine.

Demand is high for the XRF Analyser, Parker Kittiwake has millions of pounds’ worth of quotes for the device, and pricing depends on how many units are ordered.


Simplex-Turbulo XRF Analyser