Simplex-Turbulo are now offering bunker fuel testing equipment from Parker Kittiwake

Simplex-Turbulo is pleased to announce that it can now offer a range of testing equipment for bunker fuel and other marine fluids.

Simplex were recently appointed as Marine Master Distributors for Parker – one of the world’s leading manufacturers of filters and condition monitoring equipment.

Using our analysis equipment, you can ensure the fuel in your vessel meets the required specifications under ISO 8217. You can test viscosity, density, water content, CCAI, compatibility, pour point, sodium content, and more, without the need for external laboratory testing. 

Marine fuel deliveries are measured by volume but paid for by mass. Therefore, analysis of fuel quality at the time of bunkering and calculating its density, along with other parameters, is all part of good bunkering practice.

With the new 2020 IMO regulations for sulphur content drawing closer, now is a great time to invest in the equipment required to ensure the quality of your bunker fuel.

Contact us today or visit our bunker fuel testing equipment page for more information.