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Simplex Seal Service

Simplex Seal Service taking place in accordance with the strictest of tolerances required
Our team of highly qualified service engineers have many years of experience working on sterntube seals. They are available to work wherever required around the world and provide the reassurance that this critical underwater component will be serviced and reinstalled in accordance with the strict tolerances required. If your vessel is unfortunate enough to be suffering leakage, our engineers are expert in fault finding and are there to advise on how best to rectify the problem.
On request and depending on the conditions in the shipyard, our service engineers can refurbish your sterntube oil so that it can be used again.
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Simplex Sterntube Seals

Simplex Sterntube Seal, the most reliable sealing solution for both water and oil lubricated systems
For more than 70 years, the Simplex sterntube seal has led the way in protecting your vessel from water ingress as well as leakages. It still provides the most reliable and cost effective sealing solution for shaft diameters from 80 mm to more than 1 metre irrespective of whether your vessel has a water or an oil lubricated sterntube system. The patented design of the SC3 sealing rings minimises friction, retains lubricity and keeps contaminants out of the system. Special net protection rings and dirt rings are also available.
The Airspace seal is an ideal way to comply with the VGP regulations. It is recognised as a zero leakage seal by the authorities. It allows the use of standard mineral oils. It has the lowest air consumption. It provides the best protection for the sterntube bearings and has a failsafe switch-
over from Airspace operating status to standard seal operation for a guaranteed safe continuation of the journey without any requirement for an emergency stop.
The range includes both lip type and face type seals or a combination of the two according to the application. Special seal designs are available for dredgers, icebreakers, FPSOs, tidal turbines, surface warships and submarines.
There is a well establish network of service stations around the world supported by large stocks of parts to ensure a quick and effective response to all your requirement.
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Net Protectors and Dirt Rings

SKF Net Protector and Dirt Ring for protecting the aft seal from damage caused by fishing nets or lines
Tough marine environments can play havoc on an aft seal’s effectiveness – dirt, fishing lines, and nets can all be responsible for mounting maintenance costs. SIMPLEX net protection solutions include three options, used individually or in combination, for protecting the aft seal from damage caused by fishing nets or lines.
  • Simplex net protector ring is a dirt, net and rope protection ring that is fully split and is positioned in front of the first sealing ring
  • Simplex net cutter stainless steel blades fixed onto the rope guard or propeller
  • Simplex net pick-up is a fully split ring mounted just inside the rope guard to collect any net, ine or rope before it reaches the aft seal
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Bulkhead Seals

A cross-section diagram of a bulkhead seal to minimise the risk of flooding
We have a special range of seals where there is a risk of flooding through bulkhead openings. These are fitted on a wide range of vessels such as chemical and product tankers, gas tankers, offshore vessels, naval vessels etc. The can be used in gas-tight applications as well as in explosion hazard areas.
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Rudder Stock Seals

SKF Rudder Stock Seal for installations that are located close to the waterline
For simple applications we supply easy to fit packing glands, but where the seal has to be located near to the waterline, we recommend the Simplex rudder stock seal, which is very similar to the sterntube seal and can be supplied with grease or oil lubrication
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Sterntube Bearings

SKF Sterntube Bearing made in either GG-20 or GGG-40 for ships which are subject to higher stresses such as icebeaker
We supply white metal bearings with backing material made in either GG-20 or GGG-40 for ships which are subject to higher stresses such as icebeakers. The maximum length is 2,800 mm and the maximum diameter is 1,200 mm. The oil groove can be straight or helical for twin screw vessels.
We also supply the Simplex BlueRun polymer sterntube bearing for water lubricated applications irrespective of whether they are closed or open systems. A split version is available for that there is no need to pull the shaft in order to replace the bearing. Maximum shaft diameter is 500 mm.
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Complete Sterntubes

Simplex sterntube complete with white metal bearings, full piping ready to install
We supply sterntubes complete with white metal bearings, full piping ready to install. The forward mounting point of the sterntube has a sliding fit in order to compensate for any temperature differential between the water and the sterntube in order to avoid the rick of the ship’s hull suffering stress cracking. Alignment of the sterntube is made much easier by the use of epoxy resin together with the patented sealing package for the resin.
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Intermediate Shaft Bearings

Simplex Intermediate Shaft Bearing for propulsion shaft applications with a short length
The Simplex intermediate shaft bearings have been specifically designed for propulsion shaft applications with a short length so that they can be precisely aligned without risk of edge loading. The bearings are self-lubricating and the oil pocket design ensures optimised oil distribution even at slow rotational speeds. The advanced white metal bearing material provides optimal performance including emergency running.
The bearings are available as pedestal bearings or saddle bearings with size up to over one metre.
Sealed bearings are available to ensure continued operation even if the shaft is flooded.
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Thrust Bearings

Simplex Thrust Bearing for high loads produced by both controllable and fixed pitch propellers
The Simplex high load thrust bearings are single collar bearings for absorbing the thrust loads produced by both controllable and fixed pitch propellers. The bearings come with a remote temperature sensor junction box so that the bearing can be connected to the ship’s central alarm system. If required, the bearing can be installed according to the “safe return to port” regulations.
The thrust pads are of a self-aligning type, and during installation an adjustment screw can be used for precise positioning and alignment.
The housing design offers maximum stiffness and ensures the proper load distribution directly from the thrust collar into the foundation.
The thrust bearings are very robust and reliable and almost maintenance free.
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