Simplex provides urgent release valve to vessel within hours of first phonecall

As a small, independent company, Simplex-Turbulo prides itself on its ability to react quickly to the needs of its customers in an industry where timing is often critical. In this instance, Simplex were able to provide a customer with a crucial part in just a few hours, meaning that they could have their engine up and running again that same night.

Late in the afternoon on Tuesday 16th August 2016, Maisie Clark, part of engine sales support team, received a call from the chief engineer of the FS Pegasus who was in need of a release valve for his vessel’s engine which would no longer start.

As it was already 5:00pm, many customers might have expected an enquiry like this to be dealt with in the morning at the earliest. Simplex not only quoted for the item before the end of the day, but also provided photos of the part to the customer, ensuring it was the correct piece of equipment. Then, with the help of highly reliable Andover-based courier Swift Courier Solutions, the release valve was delivered from Andover to Brighton that evening – the unit was on board by 9pm and the engine was up and running again by 10pm.

“Many thanks once again – I only phoned Maisie on the off-chance. I didn’t expect you to have one, let alone get it to me tonight! I really do appreciate it. This has got me out of an awful lot of trouble.”

Those in the shipping industry, and particularly staff at Simplex, appreciate the urgency of such requests, as excess docking time can lead to great expense. Simplex is delighted to have been able to provide a customer with such a sense of relief!


Solenoid release valve
The required solenoid release valve