Simplex Net Protector from SKF Marine becomes a best-seller

In April, we posted an article about the Simplex Compact Net Protector, a new variant of net protection for sterntube seals offered by SKF Marine. Since its introduction in February of this year, the Simplex Net Protector has complemented the SKF Marine product range well with 55 units having already been sold and demand for the product remaining high.

“With the Simplex Net Protector we offer our customers a reliable method of protecting the rear section of the sterntube seal against damage caused by fishing nets and lines”, explains Patrick Arand, Product Manager of Shaft Components. “If a vessel is underway in an area where there are floating nets or lines, the Net Protector ring blocks them and stops them from becoming entangled in the seal itself, thereby preventing consequential damage to the seal.”



A video of Ken, one of our service engineers, demonstrating an installation of the Net Protector on a model shaft.


At the Nor-Shipping exhibition in Oslo at the beginning of June, SKF Marine exhibited their Simplex SC3 model supplemented with a Net Protector, and will continue to display the product for all of the other trade fairs taking place this year. Shipyards and ship owners alike have expressed keen interest in the product, with 40 units having been sold by SKF and their global sales network for new-build installations, and the other 15 units sold on the back of after sales service.

“During many service callouts we discover that damage to the seal’s outer sealing ring would not have occurred if the Net Protector had been fitted”, notes Patrick Arand. The Net Protector is a stock item and can be dispatched at short notice.

The Simplex Net Protector can be supplemented with the Net Cutter and the Net Pick-Up products, which also form a part of the SKF Marine product range.

Simplex-Turbulo are official UK agents for SKF Marine, and can supply the Net Protector, Net Pick-Up and Net Cutter products. Please contact Petra Gericke at [email protected] for more information. Alternatively, call +44 (0) 1264 860186.