Simplex Engineers visit the A&P Tyne shipyard in Hebburn

Equipped with their new, branded vehicles, Simplex-Turbulo engineers have recently visited the A&P Tyne shipyard in Hebburn for work on vessels docked there.

In one instance, our engineers assisted an engineer from Simplex France when, due to the nature of his job changing, he found himself without the proper bonding equipment. Fortunately, utilizing the SFK Marine (formerly SKF Blohm+Voss Industries) service network, Simplex France were able to contact our engineers, who arrived promptly with the tools needed to finish the job.

In another instance, a vessel fitted with a Wärtsilä seal found the ceramic liner to be damaged. Our engineers were called out to swiftly inspect and measure the liner to see if we could supply a compatible alternative.

Armed with these vans, Simplex hopes to continue to raise brand awareness and grow as a business, assisting ship owners with their shaft components and sterntube seal engineering needs wherever possible. 


Simplex Van in AP Tyne
One of the branded Simplex vehicles in A&P Tyne, Hebburn


Simplex Van in AP Tyne 2