Simplex director completes world’s toughest marathon!


On Friday 15th April 2016, after 5 grueling stages (the longest of which took 19 hours, 38 minutes to complete!) Justin crossed the finish line of the final stage of the Marathon de Sables. Congratulations!

Justin running the Marathon de Sables
Justin running the Marathon de Sables










Clearly the trials and tribulations of running a £16m turnover company are still leaving Justin Brooking hungry for a greater challenge.

Justin running into Simplex
Justin training early on a cold morning in Wherwell

The Simplex managing director, in a moment of madness that may or may not be attributed to a fast approaching milestone birthday (happy 50th!), has signed up to compete in the Marathon des Sables. Also known as the Sahara Marathon or ‘Marathon of the Sands’, the event is a six-day, 251 kilometer (156 mile) ultramarathon, which is the equivalent of six regular marathons. Held annually in southern Morocco in the Sahara desert, it is widely considered to be the toughest foot race on earth. James Cracknell, British rower and double Olympic gold medalist, is a notable previous participant.

A breakdown of the course is as follows…

Day 1 – 33.8 km

Day 2 – 38.5 km

Day 3 – 35 km

Day 4 – 81.5 km (!)

Day 5 – 42.2 km

Day 6 – 15.5 km

“Even this may be taking my own delusional aspirations beyond me.” said Justin about the task ahead. “However, it would help me a great deal if I could raise some money for two very good causes. I am running for Motor Neurone Disease and Naomi House, the local hospice for very ill children.”

A link to Justin’s JustGiving page can be found below.

Mr. Brooking will be setting off for Morocco on April 8th, and returning (we very much hope) on April 18th. We wish him the very best of luck!


JustGiving page:

Naomi House children’s hospice:

Motor Neurone Disease association:

Marathon des Sables website: