Did you know about our service exchange scheme?

Where it is critical that an engine should not be out of service for any significant length of time, our exchange schemes enable customers to keep downtime to an absolute minimum.

The principle of these schemes is simple: customers are provided with reconditioned and guaranteed components in exchange for worn components removed during the service. Once the exchange parts have returned in a ‘reconditionable’ standard, then a core deposit is returned to the customer.

This service is particularly effective for time sensitive operations, because the new part is provided immediately. This can lead to significant savings in dry dock fees, engine downtime due to overhaul, labour, etc. Another advantage of this service is the time and attention given to our reconditioning procedure. You can be certain that our zero-hour reconditioned parts are serviced with the utmost care. A rushed overhaul to avoid further docking time, on the other hand, could lead to further inconveniences in the future. Components usually covered under these schemes include cylinder heads, fuel pumps, injectors, water and lube oil pumps, connecting rods and vibration dampers. Currently the service exchange stock is mainly for the Bergen K and Bergen B engines, and the also Wärtsilä L20. We hope to bring in new engine types through the coming years.