When it comes to calculating return on investment (ROI), many businesses approach this subject from different angles and have multiple ways of determining value and assets. Understanding which one to use is a challenge, yet one thing that should be consistent across businesses large and small, is that equipment and services should have a favourable ROI.

Many pieces of equipment in the marine sector are directly affected by the quality and longevity of lube oil, which is expected to perform at an ever higher operational level, and with longer service change intervals. A centrifugal oil filter is an essential device that should definitely be included in the ROI planning for an engine system, it increases the lifespan of lube oil and reduces downtime caused by wear and tear.

We know that the basic idea of ROI is to express the additional money or value received as a percentage of an initial investment. This straightforward theory can become convoluted by various mathematical formulas and hypothesis. Thankfully, potential customers wishing to install a centrifugal oil filter, can now obtain a clear and accurate ROI projection directly from Simplex-Turbulo in a few minutes. Click on the link below to use our simple ROI calculator to see how much you could potentially save with a centrifugal oil filter. Enter the required fields to display a projection of investment returns over time*.

Simplex-Turbulo is a specialist centrifuge installer and understands that modern oils are having to work much harder to cope. Centrifuges are proven to be effective at soot removal and are easily retrofitted and maintained to different sized engines. These devices are provided by Simplex-Turbulo to our international customers, prolonging engine life and reducing costs.

* This calculator is an example of what your return on investment could be worth and is not a guarantee.


Centrifugal oil filter case study (marine application)

Following an impressive trial, the owner of a large cargo vessel decided to test a centrifugal oil filter for 1 year. The average extension gained was from 600 to 1005 hours for the filters and the oil was extended from 1042 hours to 1634 hours. The following cost savings based on these extensions were:

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