Retired naval mechanic creates miniature, working Wärtsilä W32 engine

A retired Spanish naval mechanic completed an incredibly ambitious project last year – the construction, by hand, of a miniature Wärtsilä W32 engine model.

José Manuel Hermo Barreiro, known by modellers simply as Patelo, spent over 2,500 hours on the latest in his series of hand-crafted miniature engines. The beautiful time-lapse video below shows Patelo assembling the model with his array of hand-crafted components. In total, the project took Mr. Barreiro 2,520 working hours to complete, which is reflected in the impeccable precision of his work. At 1:09, the ex-mechanic places pennies sideways up on top of the running machine, demonstrating how smoothly the tiny engine runs.



For the project, Patelo hand-machined an amazing 850 components, assembling them with 632 individual screws! Like his previous projects, which include a working miniature V12 engine, the W32 uses a compressed air source which lets it rev just like the real thing. Watch the video onward from 2:06 to see close-ups of the miniature pistons, crankshaft, cylinder heads and more.

Barreiro has built 11 miniature engines, all of them inspired by different, real-life models.

Although Simplex-Turbulo do not stock this specific Wärtsilä W38 model in our range of diesel spares, we consider any feat of engineering as awe-inspiring as this worth sharing with the world!


(The video above is owned and originally published by the official Motores Patelo YouTube channel. S-T Diesel and Marine Group claim no ownership of this content).