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Reduce costs and downtime with ground-breaking predictive diagnostic sensor

REDS Maritime
REDS Maritime system displaying engine balance information

On this year’s SMM stand (hall A5, stand 506) Lincoln Diesels will be displaying the new REDS Maritime system, the first of its kind. By enabling operators to see into the future, early warning is given of incipient problems and potential future engine failure. For example, problems with engine balance, timing, compression, fuel injection, bearings etc. can be foreseen well ahead of time, many weeks or sometimes even months in advance of failure. Repairs can be booked in and replacement components can be ordered so as to be available when required. Traditional monitoring systems only indicate faults at a more advanced (later) stage with the result that there is less time for planning.

REDS will accurately detect a specific disturbance and display the findings via a user-friendly interface that can be interpreted easily. Two screens relay information; a ‘spider chart’ page provides a direct view on the engine balance and an ‘indicators per cylinder’ page provides insight into the power contribution of the cylinders.

Lincoln Diesels is using the REDS Maritime system as part of its remote engine maintenance service; and the company also sells the REDS Maritime system directly to clients with specific requirements.

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