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Selecting the correct type of piston to fit to your engine during a major overhaul can be problematic

Sourcing quality OEM parts from a trusted manufacturer is critical, but, in the case of pistons, simply knowing that the particular part has been made by an approved manufacturer is not enough.

The engine builder may well approach up to three separate manufacturers with a basic specification to which the piston must perform, but, unlike with most other bought-in components, the engine builder often leaves the detailed design to the piston manufacturer. The result is that, although all of the approved piston designs can be used in that particular model of engine, the piston crown from one manufacturer will not fit the skirt from another manufacturer.

Consequently, it is essential to verify which piston design has been installed on your engine.

We at Simplex-Turbulo, are often able to help the operator easily identify which type of piston is installed even where there is no manufacturer’s logo or identification mark.

The diagrams below illustrate some of the critical areas which make a quick and easy identification possible. Whilst each manufacturer’s piston is designed for use in the same engine, and both are of a high quality, there are fundamental design differences. Such differences can be simple to spot, for example one version may have a single central bolt, or four bolts or eight bolts, or there may be a different number of piston ring grooves in the crown. On the other hand, some of the differences may be more difficult to recognise and may require careful measurement.

For example, the piston ring grooves may have a different height or combination of heights, or the seating areas may have different dimensions and so on.

Simplex-Turbulo has access to the different piston designs for those engine models supported and can help in the process of identification. You can be reassured that your replacement piston will be the correct part for your engine both in terms of design and quality.

Piston crown (typical areas of difference) – piston manufacturer 1

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Piston crown (typical areas of difference) – piston manufacturer 2

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