Parker Kittiwake win prestigious Lloyd’s List Engineering Innovation Award

On Wednesday 28th September 2016, the Lloyd’s List Global Awards were held at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, London.

Hosted by Fiona Bruce and attended by 450 industry professionals, the ceremony showcases and rewards the best talent and achievements in the shipping industry over the last year. The awards are a vibrant celebration of the key players in global shipping and are recognised worldwide as a significant mark of success!

As a UK agent and Marine Master Distributor for Parker, Simplex is incredibly pleased to say that Parker Kittiwake have received the Lloyd’s List Engineering Innovation Award for their ‘Catfines Test Kit’ product!

“There is no higher accolade” said Larry Rumbol, Market Development Manager for Parker Kittiwake.


The Parker Kittiwake Cat Fines Test kit detects catalytic fines to prevent irreparable damage to fuel pumps, injectors, piston rings and liners. You can find out more about it on our Parker Kittiwake product page, or by visiting

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