Order received from a major UK client for a replacement 12QTCW emergency fire pump engine

12QTCW-rebuild-newsOur engineers are currently carrying out a rebuild of a 12QTCW engine to replace a very early 1960s built engine. Using our archive of engine build information we can identify the original specification speed and power to ensure that the replacement operates exactly as the original engine.

The engine being replaced was fitted with a new shortblock by Lincoln Diesels in the early 1990s, and has since operated successfully for over 20 years.

The replacement unit being built will have an up-to-date specification, allowing the customer to feel secure in the knowledge that continuity of spare parts supply and service support will be  available from Dorman Diesels for many years to come.

Once completed and bench tested to the original specification, the engine will be installed on site and commissioned by our Dorman Diesel qualified engineers.

More to come as work progresses!