example of oceanic microplastics

Simplex-Turbulo is proud to become a member of the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup Ocean Protection Project in the fight against rising ocean microplastic levels

As a supplier and promoter of smart technologies that mitigate the impact of micoplastics on the marine environment, Simplex-Turbulo is proud to support the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup (BBOC) Ocean Protection Project.
The list of products supplied by Simplex-Turbulo includes ballast water management systems, condition monitoring equipment and oil filtration and purification apparatus.

Now Simplex-Turbulo has also started to support BBOC. BBOC is a worldwide organisation that works to prevent and clean oceanic pollution and to minimise disturbance from human development and climate change. This organisation has, to date, removed over 1,000 tonnes of rubbish and plastic waste from our oceans. BBOC joins other active ecotoxicology specialists who are particularly alarmed by the rapid increase in microplasic levels. Much of it is non-degradable and affects all species of marine wildlife from the tiny to the largest marine animals such as the blue whale.

The concern for microplastic levels has created an opportunity for BBOC to become a major exponent in the field of oceanic waste plastic recycling. Diesel and Marine Group (encompassing Simplex-Turbulo) is also involved in the rapidly expanding circular economy and is helping vessel and land-based operators to reduce waste and the continued misuse of resources by recycling, reuse remanufacturing and refurbishment.

BBOC works with facilities across the world to recycle as much waste plastic as possible, whilst Simplex-Turbulo has recently become the distributor for a technology that cleans water-contaminated oil to better-than-new condition, a process that can be extended to huge vessels that carry enormous quantities of oil, with mechanisms that are prone to water ingress (such as stern tube assemblies).

By donating and becoming a member of the Ocean Protection Project, Simplex-Turbulo helps BBOC to buy much needed equipment that keeps our coastlines clean and protects marine wildlife. Our support goes towards helping this organisation to run free educational workshops and provide resources for schools around the world; and also to inspire every generation to take action and protect our oceans and marine wildlife.


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