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Diesel and Marine Group welcomes Alvin Poon

Diesel and Marine Group is pleased to welcome Alvin Poon as Asia Pacific Sales Manager. A specialist in marine engineering with a period spent in the armed services, Alvin has had a varied career which started in 1998 and includes…

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Protecting your propeller shaft against cathodic corrosion

Problems with sacrificial ICCP (Impressed Current Cathodic Protection) systems Ships that are fitted with ICCP systems (whereby a metal that requires protection is bonded to an easily corroded ‘sacrificial’ metal) are vulnerable to propeller shaft bearing corrosion. This is because rotating…

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Early artwork uncovered from Dorman Diesels archive

Dorman Diesels artwork and marketing material With the help of Grace’s Guide to British Industrial History (a fantastic resource for historical information on British manufacturing and industry) we have recently uncovered a rich seam of Dorman Diesels artwork and marketing…

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