New pits at Astander dry dock enable removal or overhaul of aximuthal propellers

Seven Oceans in pit 2 at Astander dry docks in Spain
Seven Oceans using the new pit facilities at Astander drydocks

Simplex-Turbulo Co Ltd, UK agents for Astander shipyard in northern Spain, are delighted to announce the installation of two significantly sized pits to enable the overhaul or removal of azimuthal propellers. The forward pit, sitting longitudinally along the centre line, has dimensions of length 15m, breadth 10.5m, and depth 1.5m, the aft pit lies athwart ships with dimensions  21m x 7m x1.5m. The new pits allow for distances of 3 – 4.5m between the hull bottom and the bottom of the pit.

The pit solution provides a much more economic and straightforward alternative to the usual double docking bed and it gives Astander a significant advantage over other shipyards who are not able to dock vessels with deep drafts or who have thrusters which need to be removed.

The first vessel to use the facility was the CGG Symphony whose thrusters were removed for overhaul. The new pits are now proving popular with many other ship owners and managers looking for dry docking facilities for deep-drafted vessels in southern Europe.

The latest to use the new facilities is the vessel Seven Oceans, owned by Subsea7. Having completed a significant amount of additional work on time and to budget the ship left the dry dock earlier this week.