MPR and MPS certified for ISO-9001

MPS LOGO white_goldMaritime Propeller Repairs BV, together with its sister company Maritime Propulsion Services BV, has succeeded in acquiring the ISO-9001 certificate. During a thorough audit by Bureau Veritas, both companies proved to have their affairs well arranged. ‘It was rather intense to get both companies certified at the same time’, according to director Gert Hendriksen, ‘but it was a worthwhile project”.

On July 2nd Marcel Arends, senior lead auditor at Bureau Veritas, came to MPR’s workshop in Drunen. He had been at the main office in Zutphen a month earlier, and now it was time for the MPR-workers to receive their audit. Living up to his motto, ‘severe but sincere,’ he submitted the heart of MPR, its workforce, to a rigorous inspection. His conclusion was that the company should pass without any areas of concern!

This was a well-earned reward for the staff of MPR and MPS. After the main office audit, the companies took a risk by changing the design of their ISO-system drastically. ‘It was not obligatory, but the system got more transparent and easier to work with’, Hendriksen comments on this step. ‘The auditor advised us to make these changes and we immediately saw the benefit of them. He helped us to keep the system practical and workable.’

ISO_9001‘The repair-activities have always been subject to strict procedures. MPR is certified worldwide by all relevant class-organisations, and ISO-9001 pushes us one step further. Not only the repairs, but also the organization surrounding and enabling it, has been described and recorded clearly now. I wanted that done properly because I think it is important; customers appreciate it more and more when their suppliers have this ISO-9001 certificate. That is a nice advantage on the side.

Is this certificate is reason enough for a party? Yes, we will celebrate eventually’, Gert Hendriksen admits with a smile. ‘But the work has to be finished first. Business is always moving and customers do not like to wait.’