Mirrlees Blackstone MB190 Diesels Generating Set available in stock

Lincoln Diesels have a Mirrlees Blackstone MB190 Diesels Generating Set available in stock.

Mirrlees Blackstone MB190 Diesel Engine mirrlees-blackstone-MB190-diesel-engine-1

The MB 190 diesel engine has been designed as a high reliability engine, capable of heavy duty operation with long periods between maintenance. These power generators were installed in many MOD defence establishments throughout the UK.

This generator was removed from a British Rail computer centre (now closed). The equipment has been maintained to a high level, and has only run for approximately 1350 hours. The generator is in excellent condition and has been stored in a factory since removal 2 years ago. This equipment comprises of the following:

  • Base frame mounted v-12 diesel engine coupled to a 1500 KVA-440 VOLT
  • 50-HZ alternator/exciter fitted to rear of unit.
  • A free standing multi pass radiator with 4 electric cooling fan units/all connecting
  • Pipe work and control valves.
  • Diesel and electric air starting compressor/air bottle and control system.
  • Lub oil and fuel oil daily service tanks complete with transfer pumps/controls.
  • Generator control panel/engine-alternator protection system.

All  in excellent condition, the engine lub oil system has been primed and unit turned over for inspection.

Approximate weight of generating set : 22 tons.

Lincoln Diesels would consider offers around £39,000 pounds.