A message from Justin Brooking, Simplex MD about SMM 2016

Simplex-Turbulo Company Ltd once again exhibited at SMM this year under the Group banner S-T Diesel & Marine Group. It was the first year the Group has exhibited independently at SMM outside the British pavilion. SMM continues to be the foremost exhibition for Simplex and in our view the industry as a whole. For Simplex, we put a huge resource into SMM, both in terms of money and personnel, not only towards the stand but also into the whole build up, marketing, and promotion of the show. With the industry in a marked downturn, it was with some nervousness that we arrived on day one. It took about five minutes for that nervousness to disappear, and we spent the next four days with an extremely busy stand, and most importantly the visitors were of serious quality. Not only were we outside the British pavilion in the new Hall A5, but we had a new stand; this also worked very well, with the right balance of informal hospitality and serious business. Launching new products, including the Parker Hannifin and Parker Kittiwake products, and expanding the range of engines supported was key to the new offers shown on the stand. For us SMM was a great success, for both the purchase and sales sides of the business. It was also a very good opportunity for new and more office bound staff to meet customers, suppliers and principals alike.

SMM costs a significant amount of money, and uses a lot of staff resource, but it is worth every penny and every minute. For us the show was very successful, we were visited by the people we wanted to visit, and a number of new opportunities presented themselves to us which is very exciting. SMM gives focus to us for new product launches, introducing and training new staff, and allows us to take the pulse of the sector, assess where we are positioned and look for new opportunities. I came away with a great deal of confidence in Simplex and the future.