FTIR3 oil analyser

Meet FTIR3 – a comprehensive oil and lubricant monitoring system from Parker Kittiwake

Simplex-Turbulo is very pleased to be able to offer this exciting new product from Parker Kittiwake. Featuring a compact, portable design, the FTIR3 Oil Analyser delivers reliable measurements of 10 fundamental oil parameters within a matter of seconds by using the very latest in Fourier Transform Infrared technologies. 

The package includes a Windows laptop which comes pre-loaded with Parker Kittiwake’s analysis software. There is no need for complicated testing equipment or extra chemical reagents!

Simple to use, the FTIR3 delivers real-time insights necessary to protect major assets. No more waiting around for analysis reports from samples sent to an off-site laboratory.

Using trending techniques established by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), anyone can analyse fuels and oils for issues such as nitration, oxidation, sulphate content and more using this unique device.

Contact Simplex-Turbulo today to see how the FTIR3 could have a positive impact on your company costs and engine efficiency!