MARINE EQUIPMENT (as of 140420)

Simplex-Turbulo is the UK agent for SKF Marine and Becker Marine Systems

Simplex sterntube bearings

We supply and service a wide range of shaft components, including sterntube seals, sterntube bearings, shaft bearings, thrust bearings, shaft couplings and complete flexible sterntubes. Our team of experienced, factory trained engineers are available to service this equipment anywhere in the world throughout the year.

Steering gear

SKF Marines rotary vane steering gear can be used for any rudder design and is the optimum solution for vessels with restrictions in available space as well as for all kinds of naval vessels. Since 1985, SKF Marine has supplied more than 80 steering gear systems of the double or single rotary vane type worldwide.

Shaft couplings and bolts

Mounting and dismounting shaft couplings can be time-consuming operations that take hours or even days to complete. SKF OK Couplings can significantly reduce the time required to connect rotating shafts and flanges in heavy equipment such as large gearboxes.

Net protection

We offer two systems of net protection, which can either be used separately or installed together, if additional protection is required for operation in waters with a dense presence of fishing lines. Both systems can be retrofitted provided there is sufficient space.


Simplex-Turbulo supplies both fixed-fin stabilisers and two types of retractable stabilisers. The fixed-fin stabiliser is suitable for hull shapes where the fin will not protrude beyond the rectangle of the ship’s frame. Retractable Type S stabilisers represent the best solution for larger passenger ships, ferries, special vessels and yachts, whereas the Type Z retractable stabiliser can provide zero-speed stabilisation for vessels up to 200m.


Complete sterntubes with white metal bush bearings, fully piped and ready to install. Design allows compensation of axial movement. These sterntubes are customised, complete sterntube seal solutions offering fast and simple installation and easy alignment with the highest possible level of industrially manufactured quality.

Rudders and manoeuvring systems

Hamburg-based Becker Marine Systems is the market leader for high-performance rudders and manoeuvring solutions for all types of vessel. There are many designs to select from in order to optimise the rudder system to your particular application.

Becker Mewis Duct® and Becker Twisted Fin®

The Mewis Duct® is an innovative energy-saving device for full form, slower ships. This device allows either significant power savings at a given speed, or alternatively allows the vessel to travel faster at any given power level. The Twisted Fin® is a design suitable for vessels with a finer hull form.

Becker Intelligent Monitoring System (BIMS)

BIMS is an innovative development which optimises rudder movements, reducing drag and preventing stalling. The new technology monitors the forces and torque on the rudder while processing and storing the data in a computer unit. By using standard computer interfaces the unit is integrated into a vessel’s network. Additional information provided by the BIMS system can be used to improve and refine navigation, positioning, performance control and load monitoring, and to reduce fuel consumption.

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