Marine equipment and sterntube seal service

Simplex Turbulo is the UK agent for SKF Marine and Becker Marine Systems. The range includes new components, service and spares.

Simplex service
One of the major advantages for today’s ship operators who fit Simplex or Turbulo products is the ready availability of spare parts combined with the world-wide network of service stations.  These cover all the major maritime ports.  So, wherever your vessel is drydocking a service engineer will not be to far away.
Maintenance work is carried out by qualified engineers and is fully guaranteed.
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Choose the best sterntube seal and avoid problems
For more than 70 years, the Simplex sterntube seal has led the way in protecting your vessel from water ingress as well as leakages and still provides the most reliable and cost effective solution for your vessel.
The range includes both oil lubricated systems and water lubricated systems for shaft diameters from 80 mm to more than 1 metre.
The Airspace seal complies with the VGP regulations whilst still using mineral oils, alternatively we can offer seals specifically designed for water lubricated systems.
Special seal designs are available for dredgers, icebreakers, FPSO’s, tidal turbines and submarines.
The patented design of the SC3 sealing rings minimise friction, retains lubricity and keep contaminants out of the system.
There is a well establish network of service stations around the world supported by large stocks of parts to ensure a quick and effective response to all your requirement.
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The Simplex Flexitube and Sterntube solutions provide customers with a complete, fully piped, ready to install package solution, including sterntube bushes, the latest patented sealing technology,  combined with installation supervision
The flexitube can compensate for differential temperatures between the water and the sterntube due to its sliding fit forward mounting point with the result that the ship’s hull will not suffer stress cracking.  The flexitube is supplied with all the necessary connections for the epoxy resin filling used in the installation / alignment process.
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The Simplex high load thrust bearings are single collar bearings for absorbing the thrust loads produced by all propeller types (or indeed by other devices).  The bearings come with a remote temperature sensor junction box so that the bearing can be connected to the ship’s central alarm system.  If required, the bearing can be installed according to the “safe return to pot” regulations.
The thrust pads are of a self-aligning type, and during installation an adjustment screw can be used for precise positioning and alignment.
The housing design offers maximum stiffness and ensures the proper load distribution directly from the thrust collar into the foundation.
The thrust bearings are very robust and reliable and almost maintenance free.
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The SKF Blue Sonic Ballast Water Monitoring System complies with both the IMO and USCG regulations (USCG certification is expected shortly)
Blue Sonic uses a combination of UV and ultrasonic treatment keeping the UV light clean, thus avoiding the need for chemical cleaning and maintaining the efficiency of the unit.
Being of modular design with a small foot-print, Blue Sonic is ideally suited for retrofits where space is at a premium.
Each module is rated for 250 m3/h.  The modules are installed in parallel in order to provide for throughput of 500 m3/h, 750 m3/h, 1000 m3/h and more. If fitted with the option isolation valve it is possible to isolate any one of the units in order to carry our maintenance work, whilst the system continues to operate, albeit at a reduced rate of 250 m3/h less.
A backflushing filter with 20 micron stainless steel mesh is fitted on the inlet side of the unit.  The filters have been specially designed for backflushing in a way which enhances overall operation life.
Blue Sonic is offered as turnkey operation, including 3D  scanning of the engine room, prefabrication of the pipework, installation of the pipework at sea, followed by a short period of about 10 days in port for the final installation and commissioning work.  Alternatively Blue Sonic can be supplied separately for installation by third parties.
Blue Sonic is supported by a world-wide network of service stations.
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The Simplex rotary vane steering gear is a high performance steering gear with very fast response times and angles.
Being relatively small in size, it is ideal for smaller vessels where space is an issue or where high performance is required. The steering gear can be used with any type of rudder.
Because of its very high performance, the steering gear is available for use on its own as a roll reduction system.  By eliminating the need for fin stabilisers, this steering gear is suitable for applications where the acoustic signal should be reduced.
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Simplex fin stabilisers have been proven in many installations over a number of decades.  They are robust and highly reliable. They have been subject to continuous development and represent the leading edge of this technology.
All retractable fin stabilisers have anti-vortex tips. The Ultra High Lift Fin is a special tail flap which increases roll reduction efficiency by up to 15% compared with conventional two-part fin stabilizers.
Depending on your requirements, you can select:
  • Standard retractable fin stablisers
  • Zero speed retractable fin stabilisers
  • Special stabiliser covers to reduce drag in way of the fin box.
  • Fixed fin stabilisers
  • Special Eco mode control software
  • Retrofits of updated control systems for existing stablisers
  • Rudder based roll stabilisation – see our information on steering gear.
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The Turbulo-MPB Bilge Water Separator is the latest development of the Turbulo separator which dates back to 1924. With this experience combined with continuous development, the Turbulo-MPB Bilge Water Separator provides highly reliable, trouble free way to comply with the latest MEPC regulations.
The Turbulo MPB Bilge Water Separator is a two-stage oily water separator that is suitable for use onboard any ship or offshore platform.  It fulfils the 5 ppm criteria as well as the IMO 15 ppm requirements.
The sizes range from 0.25 m3/h to 10 m3/h.
The first stage is a pressure system, with oleophilic coalescer inserts, that operates on a gravitational principle. Oily water is passed through the separator via a helical rotor pump and the separated oil is drained by means of automatic level control. There is a heating coil to address heavy fuel oil scenarios. The second stage features HycaSep (hydrocarbon separator) elements which coalesce the finest oil particles. An IMO certified monitor is included.
The unit operates fully automatically with continuous monitoring. The pump has run-dry protection. Maintenance is easy. There is no need to dismantle any pipes or fittings.  The units are supported by a world-wide network of service stations.
As an option we recommend fitting the Turbulo Sludge Buoy in the holding tank. With this simple mechanical device, it is possible to separate out up to 6m3/h pure oil from the bilge water before it enters the separator, thereby reducing maintenance and cleaning of the separator unit very considerably.
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Our range of bulkhead seals cover the normal internal flooding requirements as well as gas tight solutions. They are suitable for all types of vessels from chemical and product tankers to gas tankers and offshore vessels. If required we can supply bulkhead seals for explosion hazard areas.
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SKF coupling systems are designed to resist high torques to provide maximum strength – reducing downtime while keeping your operations running.
With more than 50,000 couplings having been installed by 2016, the advantages of the OK hydraulic couplings are well established. By harnessing the power of the hydraulic jack, it is possible to transmit torque and axial loads over the entire area of the shaft. There are no stress raisers at the keyway, because there is no keyway. and no fretting when high shock or reversing loads exist.
These advantages apply also to very large couplings for shaft diameters up to 1,000 mm.
In additional to the coupling systems there is a complete range of Supergrip hydraulic bolts for rotating flanges.
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Simplex sterntube bushes have been proven over decades of operation. They are available up to 2,800 mm in length and with an outside diameter of 1,200mm.
The bearing material can be either lead or tin based white metal, and the oil groove can be straight or helical in order to suit the specific geometry of twin shafted installations. The cast iron can be in either GG-20 or GGG-40 for vessels such as naval ships or icebreakers where the stresses are higher.
There is also a “bush in bush” version for applications where it is foreseen that rapid exchange may be required.
In normal operating situations the sterntube bearings may last the lifetime of the vessel, but, if failure does occur, a complete set of bearings can normally be supplied or repaired within a few working days.
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The Simplex intermediate shaft bearings have been specifically designed for propulsion shaft applications with a short length so that they can be precisely aligned without risk of edge loading. The bearings are self-lubricating and the oil pocket design ensures optimised oil distribution even at slow rotational speeds.  The advanced white metal bearing material provides optimal performance including emergency running.
The bearings are available as pedestal bearings or saddle bearings with size up to over 1 metre.
Sealed bearings are available to ensure continued operation even if the shaft is flooded
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Tough marine environments can play havoc on an aft seal’s effectiveness – dirt, fishing lines, and nets can all be responsible for mounting maintenance costs. SIMPLEX net protection solutions include three options, used individually or in combination, for protecting the aft seal from damage caused by fishing nets or lines.
  • SIMPLEX Net protector
    Dirt, net and rope protection ring for effective aft seal protection against dirt, fishing nets and lines
  • Simplex Net cutter
    Knife blades for aft seal protection against fishing nets and lines
  • Simplex Net pick-up
    Net and rope collecting ring for optimum aft seal protection against fishing nets and lines
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Either in combination with fins or alone the Becker Mewis Duct® channels the water flow over the propeller blades to optimise thrust, thereby reducing fuel consumption by approximately 5% with the best effect being achieved on single shafted vessels with a reasonably high block co-efficient
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BIMS has been developed to measure and monitor the rudder forces. This improves a ship’s maneuverability, optimises navigation systems and reduces fuel consumption
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The trouble with traditional rudders is that they are placed behind the propeller with the rudder cross section arranged symmetrically about the vertical rudder centre plane. As a result no account is taken of the fact that the propeller induces a strong rotational flow that has a damaging effect on the rudder blade. Cavitation results together with associated erosion problems. Becker’s Twisted Leading Edge Rudder mitigates these effects and improves manoeuvrability. Suitable for large and fast ships.
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