Andy Fenn delivering MAN L32/40 engine training to staff at Lincoln Diesels

Lincoln Diesels maintain the lead in their specialist knowledge of the MAN L32/40 engine

Following a recent training course in the company workshop facilities, Lincoln Diesels maintains and extends its specialist knowledge of the MAN L32/40 land-based diesel engine. This makes Lincoln Diesels one of very few suppliers and service companies to know this engine inside and out.

Training was delivered courtesy of Andy Fenn who has over 40 years of diesel engine experience. Having worked for MAN for 12 years in the training function, Andy is a specialist on Mirrlees Blackstone, Ruston, Paxman and MAN diesel engines. His coaching ensures that Lincoln Diesels can build upon their already extensive working knowledge of the MAN L 32/40 CD (continuous development) engine.

Four service engineers covered 24 modules over a four-day period in a thorough and methodical process, from engine basics, to safely starting in different operating conditions. Andy Bellamy, Managing Director at Lincoln Diesels explains:

The MAN L32/40 CD is an engine that we are very familiar with and Andy’s instruction means that we can continue as leaders in the maintenance of this unit. Lincoln Diesels has been keen to introduce new initiatives such as lean manufacturing and I feel that this training will form part of that process and improve the services that we provide to our customers. Two of our service engineers have recently completed work on a L32/40 CD and they reported back to me that Andy’s training helped them to work more efficiently and to overcome some of the smaller obstacles that we as a team experienced previously with this engine type.

Andy, together with the service engineers at Lincoln Diesels, were delighted with the training schedule. Andy added:

The only element for us that would augment this training would be to have an actual L32/40 CD in situ here in our workshop, although we couldn’t do that for a number of reasons. The training modules gave us a great spatial understanding of the engine layout and we are keen to use Andy for future sessions across a range of engine types.

Andy Fenn and staff at Lincoln Diesels following MAN L32/40 engine training
From left: Andy Fenn and staff at Lincoln Diesels following MAN L32/40 engine training