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new DIGI+ test cell
After entering the market nearly 30 years ago the new DIGI+ continues to innovate. Simplex-Turbulo is a leading supplier of condition monitoring products that perform well in the type of busy, confined spaces that are typical of many operating environments. Devices used in these environments can often be hampered by
Online Fluid Condition Sensor
In marine applications, it can be easy to overlook four-stroke when so many vessels use two-stroke for their main source of propulsion. Two-stroke is the more popular choice overall and is particularly beneficial when it comes to fuel selection for example. Most modern large merchant vessels use slow speed two-stroke
Parker particle detection equipment
Since IMPA 2019, Simplex-Turbulo has been putting a plan together with Parker’s Steve Dickens, for a demonstration of Parker’s Particle Detection equipment. Adrian Patterson, Director at Simplex-Turbulo explains: It was at IMPA 2019 that we had a fruitful discussion with the technical team at Red Funnel Ferries, based in Southampton.
smashed piston from a Dorman 8SETCA2
Thankfully, the catastrophic level of piston damage witnessed on a customer’s 8SETCA2 Dorman engine is unusual but is completely repairable with spare parts. Dorman Diesels received a recent email enquiry from a Russian customer in the food industry, who attached a series of images that would have caused alarm for
A ship running on ammonia fuel cells
Moves to adapt engines and ship designs to ammonia fuel are driven by a 2018 International Maritime Organization (IMO) commitment to cut international shipping’s annual greenhouse gas emissions by at least 50 percent by 2050, compared to 2008 levels. To date, no ammonia-fuelled ships have been built, but that’s not
Mark Wilson of Lincoln Diesels carrying out engine reconditioning work
Despite the ongoing restrictions, operators based on land and at sea have been doing their upmost to remain mobile and operational during the pandemic. For Lincoln Diesels, this has meant that maintenance and repair work has carried on as normal, but with even more safety considerations and lateral thinking. Problem-solving