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Incorporating: Simplex-Turbulo, Lincoln Diesels, Dorman Diesels and STW Engineering

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Wartsila Vasa 46C diesel engine

Recently Leslie Blake went to view a magnificent Wartsila Vasa 46C engine – see below for some photographs of the interesting work she saw being carried out on this engine. Wartsila Vasa 46C engine

Maisie Clark wins award

  Many of our customers are now familiar with Maisie Clark’s helpful tones on the telephone – she supports both our diesel and marine departments, so whether you are sourcing diesel engine components or a sterntube seal engineer, you are likely to have spoken with her. We were very proud

Nohab F10

  Last week one of our external sales team visited a customer in Lowestoft and relayed back to our main office an urgent enquiry for components for a Nohab F10 engine. The order was placed and the goods were dispatched within two hours.
Seven Oceans using the new pit facilities at Astander drydocks Simplex-Turbulo Co Ltd, UK agents for Astander shipyard in northern Spain, are delighted to announce the installation of two significantly sized pits to enable the overhaul or removal of azimuthal propellers. The forward pit, sitting longitudinally along the centre line,
There is a lot going on in the power and marine industries currently. And we’re expanding and improving the range of engines which we support, components which we stock and the service which we offer. So we thought our customers would find an ongoing news page on our site useful
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