Latest Generation of New Bulkhead Seals from SKF Marine

SIMPLEX bulkhead stern tube sealSKF Marine (for whom Simplex-Turbulo are the UK agent) have been designing and manufacturing water and gas tight seals for many years. The company has a wealth of experience working with chemical and product tankers, gas tankers, and offshore vessels.

Now, a new generation of SIMPLEX bulkhead seals operate well under the highest shaft speeds. They are especially designed for offshore supply vessels which have long shafts and several bulkhead openings. (A special, gas-tight bulkhead seal is available for situations where there is an explosion hazard).

These new lip seal types are uniquely designed for high speed and gas tight applications. They are now offered in a grease lubricated instead of an oil lubricated version.

  • Bulkhead Seal (non split) :Type BS-D / BS-D-2
  • Bulkhead Seal (split) :Type EBS-D / EBS-D-2

The new Bulkhead seals are compact units, ready to be installed with no hydraulic pipe work nor tank installation necessary. The maintenance requirements for the products are also extremely low, and both have received a Type Approval certificate by the DNV GL in 2015.

The BS-D-2 (non-split type) has a delivery time of 12 weeks, and the EBS-D-2 (split type) 16 weeks.