Information on genuine parts for TURBULO® separators – 07/01/2016

The Oily water separators provided by Simplex-Turbulo Ltd. are IMO approved items. In the Type Approval for the TURBULO Mechanical Phase Breaker (TMPB), it is mentioned that the separator has to be fitted with the coalescer TURBULO® HEC® and the TURBULO® HycaSep® elements. This is mandatory for the operation of the TMPB and for fulfilling the Type Approval.

In case of the Port State Control (PSC) or other examinations, the owner has to verify that original parts are used. For identification as a genuine part, each TURBULO® HycaSep® element bears a 12 digit code and the brand on the edge of the cartridge. The TURBULO® Hecee® coalescer bears the brand with the black letters. This code is unique and distinctive.

This code can be checked and verified on the web database, and an immediate, automatic reply sent by email will confirm the validity of the code. After the valid element digit number is confirmed once by an e-mail reply, the database closes this number for further request and it is impossible that the same number can be used again.

Simplex-Turbulo ask that customers please use only original TURBULO® HEC® and TURBULO® Hycasep® elements to avoid the risk of failures and of losing type approval!

Thank you.