Simplex-Turbulo at IMPA London 2019

IMPA London 2019 comes to a close at a time of great political and environmental legislative change

With IMPA London 2019 only a stone’s throw from the hive of activity taking place around Whitehall surrounding Brexit, it is impossible to ignore the future of an industry that by its very nature is reliant on cross-border trade and operations.

With a large attendance of European delegates, the mood at IMPA London 2019 was perhaps different to previous years. However, visitor numbers were high and there was still a sense of momentum and optimism.

Simplex-Turbulo may not have been able to offer visitors much advice regarding Brexit preparedness, but staff were forthcoming with cost-saving solutions and practical recommendations on forthcoming worldwide maritime legislation. With a much bigger stand this year, Simplex-Turbulo was able to attract more delegates than ever before with new products and demonstrations.

Adrian Patterson, Business Development Director at Simplex-Turbulo explains:
IMPA London is one of our most important events and because we also have representatives across the globe who work for Simplex-Turbulo, visitors were particularly keen to seek advice from us at this point in time. Aside from the UK’s scheduled departure from the European Union and a lot of hypothesis surrounding the subject, there are major environmental legislative changes in the pipeline for everyone in the maritime industry across the world, with equal if not more implications. We showcased products for condition monitoring and wastewater management in direct response to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Sulphur 2020 cap and the 2024 IMO D-2 standard deadline for the correct discharge of ballast water. We were particularly excited to reveal a new product that returns water-contaminated oil to better-than-new condition, the modularity of this device means that multiple units can be run together where required. Diesel and Marine Group (encompassing Simplex-Turbulo) is keen to be a leader in the areas of recycling, reuse remanufacturing and refurbishment.

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