Farewell to Eddie Loryman

Friends and colleagues from dry docks all over Britain gathered to remember Eddie Loryman who died last week on February 3rd. Eddie worked as a seals engineer for Simplex for twenty-five years and Mike Heddon, who gave a moving eulogy at his funeral yesterday, recalled how supportively Eddie had helped him on his first few jobs on the tools. “Eddie would sing while working” he recalled, “he was often heard long before being seen, a habit which earned him the dockyard nickname, ‘the singing nose’”.

Eddie also loved motorbike racing so it was very appropriate that his coffin was taken to the cemetery in the side-car of a beautiful Harley Davidson sparkling in the Newcastle sunshine, and with his wife Pat riding pillion for one last ride beside him.

Our thoughts are with her and with his family.


The funeral of Eddie Loryman in Newcastle this week
The funeral of Eddie Loryman in Newcastle last week