Dorman engines on exchange

Dorman Diesels are delighted to announce that they have been awarded a contract to supply and install three factory-reconditioned Dorman 8QTCW engines on exchange to replace the original fire pump system prime movers for a leading energy generation company.

As part of the conditions of the contract the engines are to be exchanged one at a time and each unit will be fully load-tested, installed and commissioned before starting the next engine.

Richard Edwards of Dorman Diesels located a suitable donor engine (with less than 400 hours run time) of a very similar specification to the 1977 originals from the company’s extensive engine stock. Exact identification was made possible thanks to the comprehensive archive of original build records held at Dorman Diesel’s facility. The customer has, of course, approved the use of this engine, and has been involved in all stages of the project.

The first engine and cooling system has been fully stripped and chemically-cleaned to allow a full assessment of what is required to bring it back to the “as new” factory specification.


Engineer Ryan Darby putting the finishing touches to the Dorman 8QTCW engine before sending it onto the test bed
engineer Ryan Darby putting the finishing touches to the Dorman 8QTCW engine before sending it on to the test bed


The cylinder block, crankshaft, camshaft and gear train were all within new limits so these were utilised as a basis for the rebuild. Eight new cylinder liner and piston assemblies were added together with camshaft bushes, main and connecting rod bearings, both small and large end.

The turbocharger was then fully overhauled and new original parts fitted where needed, again from Dorman Diesel’s extensive stock.

The Sigma fuel injection pump was overhauled and calibrated to the original test plan by a Sigma specialist and the fuel injectors were reconditioned in-house using genuine parts, again calibrated to the original factory settings.

Now the engine has been assembled using new flame rings, joints, o-rings and oil seals and tested to the same test plan (which is again part of Dorman Diesel’s extensive archive of original factory information) as the engines that are being removed using water brake facilities. 

After painting the engine to the customer’s chosen colour specification, the process of installation and commissioning will be initiated with the assistance of our specialist haulage and lifting contractors.

Once the first engine has been signed off by our customer we will start the reconditioning of the second engine, again to the exacting standards of the original build. 

All parts supplied have been taken from our extensive stock of genuine new parts held at our Lincoln facility.

This procedure is available for most types of Dorman engine and further engines are currently being identified and added to the Dorman Diesels stock.

For further information contact Dorman Diesels on: [email protected]  tel: +44 1522 781706