Dorman Diesels provides information on lost engine from 1969

Many of the engines that S-T Diesel and Marine Group and its affiliated companies support were not manufactured recently – in fact, a great deal of them were not created this century, with engines manufacturing dates stretching back into the 70’s and 80’s. The long lives of many of these older Ruston and Nohab engines means that the loss of records is sometimes inevitable. However, when customers – or anybody for that matter – come to us with queries on these old engines, we are always more than happy to help them find what they are looking for.

This week, G. McFeeters, a Canadian softwood shavings and pellet bedding company from Hamilton, got in touch with Dorman Diesels to try to discover more about the Dorman engine powering their generation set. 

“Any and all documentation on this engine has been lost over the years” wrote Drew Grieve. “All that we can see on the unit is the engine type and number, and an internet search of this information brought us nothing?”

Richard Edwards, Product Spares Manager of Dorman Diesels, was able to come to the rescue by providing an original build record card from 1969 which can be viewed below, as well as a copy of the leading particulars of the engine.

We were delighted to hear that Drew was appreciative of the “historical flavour” of the information! We were also pleased to provide G. McFeeters with details of our Canadian distributor who could service and provide parts for their type 6QT Dorman engine in the future.

Please scroll down to view photos of the old Dorman 6QT.



The original build record card for this Dorman engine, dated 01/09/1969.

Dorman type 6QT diesel engine Dorman type 6QT diesel engine Dorman type 6QT diesel engine Dorman type 6QT plaque from 1969