Dorman Diesels, Lincoln Diesels

Early artwork uncovered from Dorman Diesels archive

Dorman Diesels artwork and marketing material

With the help of Grace’s Guide to British Industrial History (a fantastic resource for historical information on British manufacturing and industry) we have recently uncovered a rich seam of Dorman Diesels artwork and marketing material from the early twentieth century.

Below are a series of unearthed items, some with very simple and bold typesetting which was advanced for the era, and in the case of the Flexstel system, a creative ‘Heath Robinson’ type illustration showing exactly how the joints fit together.

Lincoln Diesels Dorman Diesels Advertisement from 1922 for Dorman Flexstel joints

The company was also keen to emphasise the longevity of its Dorman engine in motor car usage, with a 10,000-mile Royal Automobile Club trial certificate from 1923. (A similar advertising approach using testimonial data to prove robustness, would be taken up by other manufacturers such as Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz decades later.)

Lincoln Diesels Dorman Diesels Dorman engine R.A.C. official 10,000 miles trial from 1923

A detailed three-dimensional cutaway drawing predates the use of computer graphics packages such as Photoshop by at least sixty years and pushes the limit of technical drawing capabilities.

It is evident that even one hundred years ago, Dorman Diesels were keen to experiment and employ the best illustrators and copywriters in the business.

Lincoln Diesels Dorman Diesels Cross-sectional elevation of a Dorman 4 M.R. engine from 1925