Dorman Diesels help customer with broken water pump on a 4LD2

Dorman Diesels aims to help customers around the globe with professionalism and urgency.

A good example of this began on the 9th March 2018, whereby an enquiry was received from a distressed customer who needed immediate attention. The customer had a 4LD2 Dorman engine, which in turn drives a 30×18 stone crusher.

The 4LD engine was running smoothly in the days leading to an unfortunate event whereby the location was hit by a spell of very cold weather. The customer did a cold start on the engine one and noticed something unusual. It wasn’t running smoothly, however he couldn’t see anything physically wrong with it, apart from oil and water leaking out of the radiator cap.

As the engine is water cooled, the reservoir and water pump had completely frozen, and inevitably, expanded. On this particular engine, instances like these hinder all kinds of internal components. Due to the engine freeze, the oil cooler and water pump had been affected in a very bad way.

Dorman Diesels swiftly responded, diagnosing the problem as a broken water pump and damaged oil cooler. They did this as soon as they could, as they knew engine downtime is very costly. They arranged local overhaul of the engine cooler, so that no more disturbance could be made. They are also in process of supplying a new water pump for the engine.

Due to the quick response of the team, the 4LD2 stone crusher will not suffer a long period of expensive downtime.

The engine is set to be back on its feet as soon as the water pump is overhauled.