Diesel service and reconditioning

Diesel service and reconditioning is carried out in both the UK and Germany. We regularly rebuild Dorman Diesel engines to zero hours as required and we have full workshop facilities at Lincoln Diesels with a 10 tone overhead crane. Our experienced service engineers are available to carry out or supervise overhauls, factory rebuilds and refurbishing of major engine components. Each item undergoes stringent inspection and is carefully tracked and tested. A detailed overhaul report is supplied with each order. We ensure rigid compliance with health and safety guidance and exercise a general duty of care with regard to our environment.

Services include:

  • con rod refurbishment

  • crankshaft machining and polishing

  • cylinder head complete overhaul

  • cylinder liner honing

  • fuel injector overhaul

  • intercooler cleaning and pressure test

  • piston crack detection and remachining

  • turbocharger reconditioning

  • valve seat grinding

  • water and oil pump overhaul

24 hour service
Tel: +44 (0) 1264 860186
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