Cylinder head reconditioning for large engines

cylinder head from a large diesel engine requiring reconditioning
in need of reconditioning

A cylinder head is an expensive component to replace – for a large engine such as an MaK 43 or a Wärtsilä Vasa 46 it can be as much as £18,000. So it makes sense to go down the reconditioning route. It’s a sophisticated piece of kit so, for those operators choosing this option the process needs to be carried out with skill and knowledge, there are a whole range of tests which need to be applied first in order to ensure that reconditioning is feasible. A straightforward general overhaul for some of the larger cylinder heads will not come to much more than £800 (not including replacement of valve seats or other specific work or parts).

Lincoln Diesels has been carrying out high quality cylinder head reconditioning since 1969. During this period many thousands of cylinder heads have been reconditioned with many customers participating in the exchange scheme whereby cylinder heads are taken off a vessel and exchanged for a replacement cylinder head. This has already been reconditioned and is held in stock ready for exchange. There is also an extensive stock of exhaust and inlet valves, fuel injection parts, valve seats and valve guides (including oversized for both).

Until recently the cleaning process for larger cylinder heads had presented a problem for Lincoln Diesels but now the company has invested in a new, bigger jet washer which can recondition very large components, for example, cylinder heads of up to 120cm2 .

part of the reconditioning process for cylinder heads
the washing and cleaning process for cylinder heads at Lincoln Diesels

“The Vixen Jetwash Carousel  operates by pressure washing the components at temperatures between 70-80°C ” explains Phil Thorner, responsible for workshop equipment at Lincoln Diesels. “This process uses an alkaline solution which includes a rust inhibitor to ensure that the component is cleaned and protected prior to reconditioning.   The new washer will enable us to extend the range of components so that they can be reconditioned competitively by reducing the amount of manual cleaning required prior to crack detection and pressure testing”.

newly reconditioned cylinder head
the cylinder head is now pristine