Cooper Bessemer KSV gas-diesel cylinder head renovation by Lincoln Diesels

A nuclear power plant in the USA harnesses a 1960’s vintage dual-fuel (gas-diesel) “Cooper Bessemer KSV” engine to power it’s back-up / fail safe energy systems.

With access to major replacement parts nearly exhausted, repair techniques have to be implemented should things go wrong. However innovative some of these repairs may be, however, temporary ‘on the spot’ solutions to technical difficulties are often short lived and eventually the customer turns to professional companies such as Lincoln Diesels Ltd for support on their engine repair.

The history of this cylinder head was that it had suffered coolant water leakage from cracks and casting porosity to the flame face. The temporary solution had been for the local engineers to completely machine away the flame face and manufacture a separate detachable plate to replace this (screwed by a crude thread into an oversize injector bore hole!)

The valve seats soon began leaking, and attempted removal led to the fracturing of the makeshift plate. In a joint project together with Cast Iron Welding Services (UK), Lincoln Diesels Ltd were given the task of returning the cylinder head to it’s original condition.