Bergen K components by air

In most business scenarios, delivery within 21 hours of order would be deemed exemplary, but in some situations, especially within the marine sector, something more is called for…

When a recent customer made an enquiry at Simplex-Turbulo for a variety of engine components for their Bergen K engine, the email arrived at midday with the request for them to be sent by special courier.

With the parts available ex-stock, Simplex-Turbulo’s first option was an express delivery service, which would ensure that the parts arrived at their destination in Aberdeen before nine AM the next day. But with the vessel in dry dock and shifts working all through the night, another shift would pass without the work on the engines being completed. The vessel may then have fallen behind schedule, a nightmare for any ship manager.

There was however one other alternative delivery that Simplex-Turbulo could provide…     

Simplex special delivery
Simplex Bergen K special delivery

Enter Simplex-Turbulo employee Don Gillies, the answer to the customer’s needs. Within 3 hours Don was on a commercial flight to Aberdeen and with him, the components for the Bergen K engine.

Although Don had recently tried his hand at wing walking and has dozens of sky dives under his belt, this time, he thought it would be best to keep himself (and his precious cargo) with him inside the plane.

A short flight to Aberdeen and 550 miles later, the delivery was completed with the components in the hands of the customer and en route to the engine room of the vessel in dry dock.

From the original offer of next day courier, to a sub six-hour delivery; Simplex had once again adapted to the needs of their customers, ensuring maximum efficiency at minimum downtime. 

Another example of how Simplex-Turbulo are always willing to try and find the best solutions to our customers’ needs.