Condition-based monitoring

Simplex-Turbulo is a Marine Master Distributor for Parker Kittiwake

Our staff are fully trained on the Parker Kittiwake range of condition based monitoring products.


Cat Fines Test Kit (Al & Si)

The Parker Kittiwake Cat Fines Test kit detects catalytic fines to prevent irreparable damage to fuel pumps, injectors, piston rings and liners. Much of the heavy fuel oil (HFO) burned in the cylinders of large 2-stroke and 4-stroke marine diesel engines is contaminated with hard particles known as catalytic (cat) fines. These particles can cause highly damaging abrasive wear to cylinder liners during the combustion process. The Cat Fines Test Kit has been designed to flag up HFO samples that may be contaminated with dangerous levels of car fines before the fuel has even been pumped aboard. Simple and cost effective, the test can be completed within a few minutes. Example results demonstrate that this test is capable of identifying those fuel samples that have a cat fine concentration of > 60 ppm (Al + Si), which exceed the limit recommended by ISO 8217:2012. The test provides the crew with a very clear “sail” or “don’t sail” indication with regards to fuel quality.


icount Oil Sampler (IOS)

The icountOS (IOS) is an innovative solution to the challenge of measuring the quality of hydraulic oils and hydrocarbon fuels in many different applications: from renewable energy, marine and offshore, to manufacturing, mobile, agriculture, military and aerospace.


Ferrous Wear Meter

The Ferrous Wear Meter (FWM) measures the level of metallic wear in samples taken from cylinder scrapedown oil. It is a simple to use product offering excellent accuracy and reliability. This unit is ideal for on-board testing and analysis of scrapedown oils for metallic wear, indicating a high level of cylinder liner wear. A 5ml test tube filled with the sample is placed directly into the hole in the instrument, and the metallic content in parts per million (PPM) is displayed on the screen in under 2 seconds.



The Parker Kittiwake LinerSCAN is the world’s first real-time alarm system for engine liner wear, marking a new era in asset protection. LinerSCAN is designed to remove the uncertainty of cylinder liner damage which can result from low fuel quality, slow steaming, low sulphur levels, lower oil feed rates and cylinder oil formulation changes. Multiple trials have shown that LinerSCAN highlights the first signs of damage earlier than other systems and enables safe reduction of lubricant feed rate. LinerSCAN is a fully automated system, and can help to save money by optimising the lubricant feed rate, reducing your maintenance loads and by helping to prevent unnecessary engine damage.