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Stern tube seal maintenance in Yalova

Sterntube seal maintenance carried out in Yalova, Istanbul

Simplex engineer Mike Heddon arrived at the Sefina ship yard in Yalova, Istanbul in February to perform scheduled maintenance work on the Und Berlik vessel.   The job required the seal casings and liners to be removed and sent to…

Herald of Free Enterprise

Remembering the Herald of Free Enterprise disaster

Yesterday marked the 30th anniversary of the deaths of 193 passengers and crew, who were tragically killed when the MS Herald of Free Enterprise capisized immediately after leaving port on the night of 6 March, 1987. The ship left harbour…

Stern tube seal bonding repair

New SC3 sterntube seal bonding machine in action

Simplex-Turbulo engineers have been enjoying working with the new SC3 bonding machine from SKF Marine for their sterntube seal service work. Used recently on a service job for My Golden Shadow in Malta, pictured above, the new bonding kit is…