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Maritime Propeller Repairs BV specialises in all types of fixed and variable pitch propeller repairs.

They offer independent inspections with comprehensive reports for owners, managers and insurance organisations. Maritime Propeller Repairs have very experienced repair specialists who have more than 25 years of knowledge.

MPR will repair propellers and blades in most locations worldwide. It is even possible to carry out balancing of fixed pitch propellers and blades on location within driving distance of The Netherlands, using their mobile balancing equipment.

Maritime Propeller Repairs BV have two mobile teams; ready for repairs in locations worldwide.
Their workshop capacity is 80 tons.
New propellers and blades can be offered on request.

 They continuously optimise their equipment and procedures.
The goal of these activities is to improve still further the efficiency and reliability of all their repairs- for the benefit of their customers.

 Propeller-before-repair-at-MPR   MPR engineers repairing a propeller   MPS-engineer-inspecting-a-fitted-propeller



Maritime Propulsion Services are part of the MPS Holding BV, which is a group of independent companies who operate in the marine equipment and ship repair service industry.

Maritime Propulsion Services BV specializes in most types of propulsion systems.

On request, Maritime Propulsion Services BV can offer specialised support and supervision of tail shaft surveys; combining full propeller hub strip down and sterntube seal overhaul. They also offer blue fits of rudders, rudder stocks, propellers and tail shafts.

On request Maritime Propulsion Services offer independent inspection reports for owners, managers and insurance organisations.
Their service engineers are equipped to travel worldwide at short notice.

The company continuously optimises their equipment and procedures.
Maritime Propulsion Services goal is to continuously improve still further the efficiency and reliability of all their repairs and services for the benefit of their customers. Maritime Propulsion Services always welcomes customer feedback.

diver involved with propeller repair  MPR-mobile-balance-equipment  Two-large-propellers-fitted-in-drydock-at-night

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