Group T/O

  • Turnover (£m)
  • Group operating profit (£m)
  • Net assets (£m)

Year end: 30th September


Group T/O£13.60m£14.30m£15.16m
Group operating profit£1.34m£1.70m£1.70m
Net assets£3.40m£3.80m£4.15m
Turnover splitUK £5.50m 38%

Other EU £3.30m 24%

ROW £5.50m 38%
UK £5.51 36%

Other EU £3.30m 24%

ROW £6.04m 40%
Accounts basis UK GAAP
Auditors Crowe Clark Whitehall LLP in Reading UK
Bankers HSBC Bank plc



Staff (Group) 6 directors based at Andover and Lincoln
  59 staff based in Andover, Lincoln, and Newcastle, UK
  1 staff based in Szczecin in Poland


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James Hogg

James Hogg

James Hogg is Chairman of the S-T Diesel & Marine Group. He has an MA in Jurisprudence from Oxford University, and an MBA from London Business School.

Clare Hogg

Clare Hogg is Director of Marketing and HR for the S-T Diesel & Marine Group. She’s a language graduate; has a MA Marketing; is a Chartered Marketer; a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development; and an Institute of Directors Accredited Director.

Justin Brooking

Justin Brooking is Director of Finance and Resources at S-T Diesel & Marine Group. He has a B Eng and is ACMA qualified.

Andreas Thiele

Andreas Thiele completed an engineering apprenticeship in Germany and has subsequently been working in industrial engineering management ever since. Currently he is Director of Business Development at SKF Blohm + Voss Industries. He is a qualified Dip. Wirt. Ing.