Dorman Diesels

For over a century Dorman Diesel customers have repeatedly chosen Dorman products because they appreciate the blend of quality, reliability and total commitment to after-sales service that is synonymous with the Dorman name.

All manufacturers claim to support their products, the Dorman difference is their total commitment wherever you are. Parts are regularly supplied worldwide for engines over 50 years old and Dorman Diesels also hold extensive stocks of parts for older model Ruston engines, manufactured by Ruston & Hornsby Ltd.
Dorman Diesels hold an extensive range of genuine new and reconditioned Dorman Diesel engine parts for immediate delivery worldwide. 

Dorman Diesels are part of a group of companies specialising in the following engine ranges for which they supply competitively priced, high quality, new and reconditioned spares available from stock.

Dorman Diesels’ spares facilities in Lincoln, provides a modern parts warehousing facility, where thousands of line items are stocked and over half a million individual components held.

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Dorman Diesel Spares

The parts warehouse is fully mechanised and computerised and linked to a modern computer-backed order processing system that co-ordinates the packing and despatch departments to ensure a speedy and efficient service.
When an engine does break down, Dorman Diesels are committed to ensuring an engine is operational with minimum delay, achieving urgent despatch of replacement parts by the fastest means possible.

Dorman Diesels have records with the exact specification details of the engines built and can quickly identify any special changes or modifications that may have been undertaken to suit an engine for a particular application.
Using this information, Dorman Diesels can ensure that the correct component is supplied and, if necessary, arrange the special manufacture of unusual components.

All Dorman replacement parts are manufactured to the same exacting standards as original equipment, so customers are ensured of on-going reliability. The company holds comprehensive records of every engine built by Dorman Diesels.
Due to the complexity and variety of engines supplied over a period of years, facilities exist at Dorman Diesels to manufacture special items.

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 Facilities are available at Dorman Diesels’ factory to undertake the full overhaul of customers’ engines and major components. This concept of support is extended worldwide through their contract maintenance and servicing schemes.

Modern Diesel and gas engines are more efficient and economical than ever.
With regular expert maintenance, engines can provide improved reliability and maximum efficiency to reduce running costs and maintain optimum performance.

Most customers recognise that it makes sense to regularly service an engine in continuous use.
Adjustments are required to maintain peak efficiency and components should be checked for wear. Regular servicing not only ensures that engines run more efficiently and economically, but helps to prevent costly breakdowns and unplanned downtime.

Engines in standby applications also benefit from regular maintenance. The concept of standby equipment is that it should be available to work instantly.
For example, with time, deterioration of lubricants and fuel may occur and actually inhibit easy starting; rubber components and hoses may even become brittle.
These are items that can easily be identified and corrected during a maintenance call.
Whilst every care is taken during the design and manufacture of engines to ensure that components give a long and trouble free life, regular servicing and preventative maintenance are key to long term reliability and the benefits that come from knowing your engines are working efficiently and economically.

Preventive maintenance and eventual repair require skilled staff to ensure engines are returned to their peak performance.

All service work is carried out to the same high standards by specialist factory trained engineers.

 Dorman pride themselves on the quality of their engineers, who have extensive training and practical experience in diagnostics techniques and preventative maintenance. This training, coupled with extensive knowledge of Dorman products, helps to provide a high standard of service, allowing for the optimisation of engine performance.